Nokodemion Hackney Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Biohacker Face Mask

Integrating the latest peer reviewed Biomedical Science and the timeless healing arts of eastern spiritual knowledge, the Biohacker is a biodynamic facial serum-powder concentrate, to be used like a mask twice or more a week, with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action. The formula is 50% water extracted Apple skin extract (Apple molecules - Phenolics, Polyphenols, Rutin, Chlorogenic acid, Phloretin, Phloridzin, Luteolin, Glucaric acid, Ursolic acid and Prebiotic - Oligospectine).

Materials: Nokodemion source their herbal complex from one biodynamic farm in Kerala, India. Biodynamic farming aims to create healthy soil using compost and crop and grazing rotations

Production: The herbal complex is seasonally harvested from the biodynamic farm. All those working on the farm are paid a fair living wage, the brand regularly speaks to the farm to ensure high standards are maintained.

Packaging & Delivery: The products come in recyclable glass and are shipped via carbon neutral shipping. The materials are harvest and shipped 3 times a year, minimising unnecessary transport where possible..

Use: Directions for use are provided with the products. You can also find these on a tab below.

Responsibility: The brand doesn't currently have any NGO or CSR relationships.

Disposal: The glass bottled are recyclable.

Apple skin extract has been clinical proven to have antioxidant & anti inflammatory affects, and has the inhibitory potential of the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The other 50% percent is an Ancient healing and skin rejuvenating formula from a classical vedic text Astānga Hrdayam, a lepam (Herbal paste) composed of 28 biodynamic herbs grown on a spray-free regenerative farms, on permaculture soil, based on ancient Vedic medical astrology. - From seed to ceremony. Working with the planetary and celestial influences between the plants and the planets, and calculating peak times for planting and harvesting. - The formula is nutrient dense, free from Clay and Mud, No essential oils, zero fillers, zero thickeners, zero binders . - No preservatives is needed as the formula is water free and housed in a special ultraviolet biophotonic miron glass to charge and to presserve the living nutrients inside.

Full Ingredients: Apple skin extract - Phenolics, Polyphenols, Rutin, Chlorogenic acid, Phloretin, Phloridzin, Luteolin, Glucaric acid, Ursolic acid, and prebiotic Oligospectine. - Astānga Hrdayam Lepam; Biodynamic herbal Blend: *Mung bean ( Vigna radiata),*Red lentils (Lens esculenta), *Vetiver ( Chrysopogon zizanioides), *Sarsaparilla ( Hemidesmus indicus), *Durva grass (Cynodon dactylon), *Tree turmeric ( Berberis aristata) ,*Fennel ( Foeniculum vulgare), *Indian Madder ( Rubia cordifolia), *Rice ( Oryza sativa), *Arrowroot ( Maranta arundinacea), **Almond Resin ( Prunus dulcis), **Acacia Resin ( Senegalia senegal) , *Fenugreek ( Trigonella foenum- graecum), *Black Chickpea ( Cicer arietinum), *Indian Rose (Rosa Roseae), *Sappan Wood ( Biancanea sappan), *Indian Pennywort ( Bacopa Monnieri), *Liquorice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra), *Babchi ( Psoralea corylifolia),*Costus ( Saussurea costus), *Black Catechu ( Senegalia catechu), *Green Chiretta (Andrographis paniculata), *Symplocos Bark ( Symplocos adenophylla), *Flannel Weed ( Sida cordifolia), *Ashwagandha ( Withania somnifera), *Guduchi ( Tinospora cordifolia), *Asparagus Root (Asparagus racemosus). * - Biodynamic herb ** - Sustainably Foraged.

How to: Mix with filtered water, pure rose water, or fresh juices of your choice. Make a smooth paste, cover the face and leave it on for 45 minutes or more. The mask has to be kept moist, so mist it occasionally (only active when wet and moist). Follow with serum and moisturiser/ balm of your choice.

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