igwe Primitive Sneaker


Primitive is a raw, intricately detailed luxury sneaker, with each pattern piece, cutout and seam expertly studied giving ease and edge to the model. A shoe cut in stone and engraved with the brand identity: "Igwe is an experimental sneaker studio".

The colour is natural in tone, building desires of exploration. The red enhances the whole, and the logo is highlighted and pressed in fine gold.


Materials: Animal Leather that respects REACH standards, low chrome or chrome free tanning, recycled PET laces, soles made from previously recycled shoes.

Production: Handmade in Portugal, the factory is REACH & OEKO-TEX Certified. The brand have a personal relationship with their factories to ensure fair pay and practice across the supply chain.

Packaging & Delivery: The brand uses a responsible shipping organisation utilising spare room on public transport and a % of profits from the transport organisation goes towards cleaning the Oceans.

Use: There are no specific instructions for use, but as ever we'd recommend treating the products with respect to maintain their longevity.

Disposal: The shoes are recyclable when you no longer wish to use them. Contact Public Fibre to return and recycle.

Responsibility: Igwe have move to a made-to-order system, reducing waste and unnecessary energy with overproduction.

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