Attirecare Jasmine Sanitising Hand Mist


An organic formula that is World Health Organisation approved and contains 75% alcohol to keep you safe. Finished with glycerin to provide moisture and Jasmine to leave a fresh scent, your hands will be left clean and revitalised with no sticky residue. 

Carry with you, and use whenever your hands have come into contact with germs or need a refresh. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.

500ml, 250ml or 50ml.


Material: All of Attirecare's ingredients are eco-friendly. There are no harsh chemicals and plant-based/organic alternatives are used wherever possible. All raw materials are sourced in the UK.

Production: The brand manufacture the products in their own warehouse and buy raw materials directly from the manufacturer, with whom they have close relationships with, so their supply chain is small.  All in house production is small-batch with local employees, the brand also have a number of ethical certifications.

Packaging & Delivery: The packaging is all recycled & paper-based. The packing peanuts to protect the glass or for larger shipments are made from cornstarch and dissolve in water. Attirecare also work with One Tree Planted to Offset their carbon footprint

Use: All care directions and instructions are present on product labels.

Responsibility: Attirecare work with One Tree Planet to offset the carbon emissions of their business.

Disposal: The packaging is recycled and recyclable. The brand hope the bottles will be recycled at end of use. They currently don't have any in house recycling programs.


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