TOMORROW Mushroom T-Shirt


An in-house design by TOMORROW, inspired by nature. Fear wear approved, non-toxic water based inks, made to order (as this product is made to order, we won't be able to accept returns).

220gsm 100% organic cotton.

Fits true to size.


Materials: The brand's products are made up of organic cotton and recycled polyester. The organic cotton is GOTS certified, while the recycled polyester has a Global Recycled Standard certification. Their partner factories are certified by PETA, Oeko-Tex and the Organic Cotton Standard.

Production: The organic cotton is bought from smallholder farms in India, the brand's partner factories are located in Bangladesh and are Fair Wear Approved. The recycled polyester is mainly sourced from China. The cotton, once picked is initially ground in India. This is then moved to Bangladesh as fibres, where it's spun, dyed, cut and sewn into products. They're stored in a fulfilment centre in Europe, and printed to order by the brand in Chester, UK. The brand shares further details on their production facilities on their website, mentioning the certifications and environmental & ethical standards they uphold. The brand use only Direct-To-Garment printing. The inks are water based and no harsh chemicals are used and no resources are wasted, a waterless printing system that factors in an energy saving process too. The production facilities adhere to Oeko-Tex and work closely with the Fear Wear Foundation who monitor the working conditions and practices.

Packaging & Delivery: Tomorrow Creates' products are all shipped in recycled and recyclable kraft paper. They are wrapped in glassine paper, which is also recyclable and naturally biodegradable. The labels are again recycled and recyclable. The brand also plant trees with the TreeApp for every order they receive. They've also collaborated with Stand For Trees to support their work in preventing deforestation and encouraging rainforest communities to seek out alternative forms of income.

Use: There are details of how to care for the products on the care label. The products are durable, printed to a high standard, and can withstand a regular 30 degree wash.

Responsibility: TOMORROW was created with a mission to do good. From their inception, collaborative have been at the core of everything the brand does, and these collections have given as much as they’ve gained. The brand mention the global scale and cultural influence of fashion, and how therefore it has a prominent role to play in solving climate change and improving the welfare of the workers who occupy each step in the supply chain. Tomorrow Creates' alternative business model gives people the opportunity to make a change, the power lies in the hands of the consumer, activism you can wear. These collaborative collections donate and share 50% of the brands proceeds, Tomorrow Creates has supported organisations such as Refugee Action, Movement For Black Lives, SURGE Activism, Little Sun and Sea Shepherd UK.

Disposal: The brand do not currently have a disposal process, As the products are made to order it is challenging to filter end of life products back into their supply chain - however, it is something they are working on for the future.

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