Katagi is the long version of Kataginu. The Kataginu is a traditional men's vests with broad, wing-like shoulders, worn with hakama, or trousers, to form a kamishimo, or complementary outfit.

As all the ZEROBARRACENTO it is made with the zero waste pattern making technique and it uses only best of quality materials.

Shapy fit. Long length

100% GRS certified BembergTM. Recycled Polyester Padding 130 gr/m2


Materials: The key focus of ZEROBARRCENTO is zero waste design. The patterns are developed according to zero-waste pattern making, an innovative design technique that allows the use of fabric in its entirety, with no waste at the design stage of a garment, which is usually around 15%. The brand also work with a number of unique fibres.

Re.VerSo™ - is a new production process that bridges science and technology to create high-quality wool and cashmere. 100% Made in Italy it is made by recovered textile waste handpicked from various brands and their linked factories, this is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) approved.

Bemberg™ - a matchless and antistatic material, with a unique and precious touch and feel. Made from cotton linters bio-utility waste, it is biodegradable at its end of life and it has eco-toxicity certification by lnnovhubSSI. Certifications: GRS (Global Recycled Standard), OEKO-TEX®️ Standard 100 and Eco-Mark.

Newlife™ - a unique and certified yarn engineered from 100% post-consumer bottles sourced, processed and spun into yarn exclusively made in Italy. Certifications: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, GRS (Global Recycled Standard)

The brand also use organic wool (GOTS certified), end of roll materials, and ECOTEC recycled cotton by Marchi & Fildi (GRS certified).

Production: The brand have extremely close relationships with their supply chain. They are all in the Italian territory (from fibre up to manufacturing) except for the Bemberg fibre that is produced by Asahi Kasei in Japan. All factories and manufacturers work to the highest standard with relevant material (see above) and production (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, FSC®, Traceability & Fashion) certifications.

Packaging & Delivery: ZEROBARRACENTO use compostable mailers made from a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer which is compostable, and PLA, made up of plant materials such as field corn and wheat straw. These are certified and incredibly low-impact resources. Both the tissues and stickers are FSC Certified, acid free and made with soy based inks.

Use: The brand share conventional care labels with indications of best cleaning treatments.

Responsibility: As part of their ongoing work, ZEROBARRACENTO engage in special projects with female associations such as The Circle Italia and Road to 50%. They have also been analysed by The Sustainable Brand Platform and Cikis.

Disposal: Although they have no particular end of life treatment, they do design the products so they're easy to disassemble at the end of life, with few seams, using mono fibres as much as possible and no zippers or buttons.

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