Embassy of Bricks and Logs Jindo Bomber Jacket


Versatile and function, with a long & oversized fit. All recycled, super light-weight crushed nylon. Piped seams, 100% recycled polyester lining, classic bomber rib and a large zipped sleeve pocket.

Recycled nylon & recycled polyester.

Oversized, long fit.



Fillings & Padding

For their padding, Embassy use faux down fillings and paddings from recycled PET. The PET is mainly post-consumer PET from local landfills in China.


The mesh-lining in Embassy coats is ECO-TEX certified. Other linings are made of 100% recycled polyester.


The brands jersey materials (sweatshirts, t-shirts & long-sleeves) are made of 100% organic cotton and made in Portugal.

Uppers & Shells

Some (but not all) of the outer shells are blue sign certified. The newest development here is the use of a 100% recycled version of the upper fabric but with the same quality, look and feel like the non-recycled version.


The brand use an 100% recycled PET, lamb-fur-like material with an amazing feel.


The brand work with PETA, and have ensured the whole collection is PETA-approved vegan.


All accessories (press buttons, zipper pullers, eyelets and so on) are bluesign certified products as well.

Production: Most of the brand’s fabric suppliers are from South-Korea. South-Korea is highly developed and offers the best fabrics in the Far East textile industry (comparable to what Italy means to Europe). As the products are manufactured in China, sourcing in South-Korea helps keeping the carbon footprint for shipping materials in check. Embassy’s materials are bought from mostly certified manufacturers (ECO-TEX or blue sign), such as YKK, Thermore and others.

For Embassy, it’s important that beautiful items are made beautifully, too. Fair labour conditions and safe working conditions are ensured. Items made by Embassy are designed in Germany and proudly manufactured in China. The team makes it a point to work with smaller production partners, in need of the business, and keen to grow together – while maintaining a friendly, even familial vibe. They only work with partners who can guarantee good working conditions for their employees. The brand visit these suppliers regularly to ensure high ethical standards, a good approach to working conditions and fair payment of the garment workers. Embassy are working on establishing a long term working relationship with all suppliers, creating stable business opportunities, longevity and sustainable planning, and are asking for more sustainable materials etc. in return. It is one of the main goals at Embassy to get certified through the whole production chain by working with third-party stakeholders.

Delivery & Packaging: The brand are ever evolution their packaging. They use natural cardboard, 90% recycled materials, tree positive packaging, water-based ink, certified wood. The packaging is full compostable and recyclable and made locally to where the brand ship from.

Use: Embassy have thorough care instructions for all of their garments. You will this with the garment, and on their website, here.

Responsibility: Embassy of Bricks mission is to create pieces that are sustainable through outstanding craftsmanship and longevity first. The brand’s website and shop are run on servers powered by renewable energy sources. Same goes for the electricity used in their office spaces in Essen and Berlin, Germany. In working with PETA they are able to ensure animal welfare standards.

Disposal: The brand currently have no end of life practices.

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