Guy Morgan Gua Sha Stone

This invaluable tools unique ridges can be used on scalp to help relieve tension headaches.

Hand crafted in Beiyang Village, China, from 100% white Nephrite Jade. Subtle etched logo. Hand polished with berry wax. Approximate dimensions –– L: 9.5cm W: 6cm.

Comes with illustrated brochure printed on recycled paper stock.

Materials: Each formulation is hand-made in the founder’s East London studio. The ingredients are ethically sourced organic, vegan, and wild-grown, to ensure effective results for skin and a positive environmental impact. They are Soil Association Certified Organic Botanicals, COSMOS Certified Natural Ingredients.

Production: The brand has close and personal relationships with their suppliers, to ensure ingredients meet their uncompromising standards, and ethics. The quality of life, pay, and treatment of the workers who grow and harvest the ingredients are of as equal importance as then ingredient. 

Packaging & Delivery: Their outer packaging is 100% recyclable, made from FSC certified card. Their mailing boxes and packaging materials are also fully recyclable, and plastic free. Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder is plastic free, using 100% glass.

Use: Detailed information on each product’s use is shared with every item.

Disposal: Some of the products are entirely made of glass and completely plastic free, others are glass with recyclable lids. The brands boxes and mailing packaging is made from FSC certified card, and 100% recyclable.

Responsibility: The brand work with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every online order, this is in addition to the trees planted when you order from public fibre. The brand re-uses all packaging that comes into their studio and their energy is from a renewable source.

  • Warm a few drops of your favourite face oil or balm between your fingers, apply to cleansed skin.
  • Hold stone at a 45 degree angle, scrape against the skin in an upwards and outwards motion.
  • Follow movements included in brochure & video, repeating each stroke 5-10 times.
  • For maximum results, try doing this ritual daily for one to three minutes.
  • After each use wash stone with a mild natural soap, and warm water. Dry completely between each use.
  • Due to natural material and hand carved production, variance in size and colour is norma


Follow your intuition on how much or little feels good. Can be used in the mornings in the shower, or before you go to bed along with your nightly rituals.

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