Hæckels Moisturising Broccoli Seed Oil


Treat damaged hair, dry scalp or apply to the skin as a deeply nourishing and moisturising treatment. A brand new skin and hair oil from Haeckels created using just one pure ingredient, Cold Pressed Broccoli Seeds.

100% Natural, Organic and Vegan.


Materials: All of Hæckels’ products are made in-house, they harvest and collect the seaweed, ocean mud, marine algae, and marine minerals from the coast, which is walking distance from their home base in Margate.

Production: The brand's products are made at their home laboratory in Margate, U.K. Any other suppliers are from the local area and/or the have a personal relationships with the brand, ensuring and maintaining positive social conditions for working in the supply chain.

Use: The product label contains all of the ingredient information. In the tab alongside this one, you can find information on how to use the product, the ingredients and the science.

Packaging & Delivery:  Hæckels believes that it's their responsibility to reduce the waste consumers receive rather than put the pressure on a customer to recycle, and that if they start there, it will ensure less unnecessary packaging and pollutants. All Hæckels' products arrive in your hands in packaging that has been considered and thought through, from Algae Bottle Seals to Mycelium mushroom seed bombs. You’ll see some of the packaging change as they're constantly innovating and making improvements.

Disposal: This product comes in a mycelium packaging that is biodegradable and can be used as a compost. Once you have finished with your pieces, contact us and let us know, as the brand offer a discount to any customers who return their empty product containers.

Responsibility: Hæckel’s use a renewable energy supplier for their office, stores, and making spaces. In all of the brand’s store locations they have recycling systems. They are in the process of writing a sustainability report to be published & they will also be announcing some long-standing CSR initiatives soon.

Further Information

Broccoli seed oil doesn’t just contain helpful fatty acids — it also contains Vitamin A. Some people are turning to Broccoli Seed Oil as a healthier alternative to prescription or over-the-counter retinoid or retinol products. These products all utilize a form of Vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself faster.

This speedier skin cell turnover rate is why so many people love these products for hydration. However, these retinoids are not without their concerning side effects. Retinoid risks include redness, dryness, irritation, skin color changes, sunlight sensitivity, swelling, crusting or blistering. Broccoli seed oil provides vitamin A without undesirable side effects.

In addition to Vitamin A, Broccoli Seed Oil also contains Linoleic Acid, which promotes ceramide synthesis. Why is this great for skin health? Ceramides, found in the top layer of the skin, not only regulate the skin cells, but they also help form a protective layer that retains moisture and visibly plumps the skin. By promoting ceramide production, broccoli seed oil can be especially helpful to mature skin that’s looking for added moisture and a more youthful appearance — another way to help naturally slow the signs of aging.


Apply a drop or two of Broccoli Seed Oil into any dry areas of your body. Use more oil if the area of concern is larger. Massage the oil in lightly until it is absorbed. It can also help calm skin inflammation and irritation.


Cold Pressed Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Seed Oil. Nothing else.

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