Virón 1968 Shoe


Virón's take on the classic low-cap trainer with a raw finish, inspired by the counterculture in the 1960s.

100% Corn Leather. Made from corn waste, grown for the food industry, in the region of Bolzano in Northern Italy. Composition printed on the tongue. Signature recycled rubber sole, made to march


Materials: Virón use plant based leathers, recycled canvas, recycled nylon, recycled rubber and recycled shoe boxes, all negating the use of any conventional main materials. When dying, the brand also use natural dyes to reduce the enviromental impact. All products are PETA certified vegan.

Production: Viròn have one factory located in Guimaraes, Portugal, they visit this producer 4-6 times a year to ensure safe & fair working conditions and pay. All products are PETA certified Vegan.

Packaging & Delivery: When shipping the product, the brand use recycled cardboard boxes. The brand monitor and offset carbon emissions at the end of the year by investing in renewable energy with ECO ACT, an orgnisation specialising in carbon offsetting.

Use: There are no specific instructions for use, but as ever we'd recommend treating the products with respect to maintain their longevity.

Disposal: Once you're finished with your shoes, get in contact with us. We'll return the shoe to the brand and you'll receive a £15 coupon for your next purchase. Viròn recycle the rubber soles and reintegrate them into production.

Responsibility: The brand's fundamentals are based on 360 degree approach to sustainability and they produce a sustainability report acknowledging their environmental impact. Viròn are also part of 1% for the planet, with money going to environmental causes across the world. All products are also vegan certified by PETA with regular donations also made to animal rescue organisations.

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