Materials: Local Pattern sustainably source the majority of their materials locally, with organic cotton knitted in Maresme, Barcelona and deadstock fabrics from local suppliers in Barclona. All Local Pattern's printed collection is made in Barcelona. The brand also work regularly using Tencel, a softer and more sustainable alternative to cotton.

Production: The brand have a personal relationship with most of their suppliers, auditing their standards before embarking on work together. Furthermore, the brand create the collection together with their suppliers, working to find the most conscious solution for every style.

Packaging & Delivery: The curated packaging is designed thoughtfully for customers and clients and made only with recycled and sustainable materials. Where possible Local Pattern attempt to give alternative methods for local shipping, such as bike and pick-up point.

Use: Care information is on the website and the composition label of each piece.

Disposal: Local Pattern are still working on their end of life practice.

Responsibility: Local Pattern are looking to work with an ocean conservancy organisation. We'll be updating this once they've selected a partner.