Materials: IVAN have been working with the same mill in Leicestershire for two years (likely the best known high-quality environmentally progressive jersey mill in the country). GOTS certified, the mill go through rigorous research and testing for everything they do. This season IVAN started to use their Organic Supima cotton – an environmentally friendly cotton fibre grown in the US. Ivan also use deadstock woven fabrics all of which are produced in the UK, the fibre origin of these is almost impossible to track down but the use of these fabrics tackles a different area of environmental responsibility.

Production: 100% of the garment production takes place in London and the brand work with a larger factory in Haringey. The production studios are located in Stratford and Woolwich.

Packaging & Delivery: IVAN are still working on perfecting their packaging and transport solution.

Use: The care information for individual products is printed on the label.

Responsibility:  IVAN calculates their carbon emissions and then offset this through tree-planting initiatives, part of which is supported through a tree which is planted with every order. IVAN also runs a sustainable office, with all operations running on renewables and no cars used for transport, but rather bikes and trains.

Disposal: IVAN are still working on their end of life practice.