Materials: The brand use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class 1 seal certified matte finish vegan eco-microfibre which is lightweight, antibacterial, eco-friendly and highly resistant, even against chemical agents. Heel panels made from pineapple leaves (80% pineapple leaf fibre). OEKO-TEX standard 100 class and GRS certification eco-microfibre lining and insocks, made from recycled PET and natural corn fibre. Soles with recycled rubber (70% recycled rubber). Insole paddings are made from a high-density recycled cork and foam for extra comfort. Laces made from organic cotton. Upper paddings made from natural latex. Toe puff and counter stiffeners made from recycled material (80% recycled). Insole boards made from recycled material. All glues used are water based. PETA certified vegan products. 

Production: Designed in Sweden. Made in Portugal in ethical factories that are regulated by the brand’s own quality assurance team.

Packaging & Delivery: Humans Are Vain are still working on perfecting their packaging and transport solution.

Use: There are no specific instructions for use, but as ever we'd recommend treating the products with respect to maintain their longevity.

Disposal: These shoes are part of a recycling program to ensure a circular process. Once returned, the sneakers will be dissembled and turned into future soles. Please contact public fibre to return your shoes to the brand and receive a discount code for doing so.

Responsibility: Pineapple leaf heel panel helps provide income for low-income farmers in the Philippines. The brand work with an NGO clearing the ocean of waste whilst partnering to find new ways to recycle the ocean plastic with their Recycle Projekt, the brand are working towards a circular economy.