Materials: TencelTM, sustainably sourced lyocell fibres from Lenzing, Austria.

Production: Made in Portugal in GOTS and OEKO-TEXT certified factories.

Packaging & Delivery: The brand's individual product bags are fully recyclable with bold messaging to support you "doing your bit". The boxes are partially made from recycled card and are fully recyclable with messaging. Products can also be sent in kraft bags, which are made from recycled card and are fully recyclable.

Use: Use details provided on the label inside. You're advised to wash on cool-low heat (30). Do not tumble dry or iron. Treat these garments with the respect underwear deserves.

Disposal: We’re still working with Arlo Hudson to figure out the details for disposal.

Responsibility: Arlo Hudson's messaging centres around underwear being done properly. By making these garments from more responsible materials and pushing sustainability, Arlo Hudson hope you'll be more conscious with all fashion choices (including, and especially, underwear).