Creating new forms to improve feeling.

Ivan clothing A model wears Ivan clothing

Creating new forms to improve feeling

Founded 2018

From U.K


IVAN is an independent London based brand that believes clothing has a transformative ability to affect the way we feel.


Handmade in London, they use organic, recycled and deadstock fabrics from Britain, Germany and Japan to create high quality garments that are crafted with thoughtfulness and function.   


IVAN is dedicated to reducing their impact on the planet, and careful to only work with those who share their values. Their goal as a company is to produce zero waste – which means collaborating closely with all of their production partners.


So whether it’s a Leicestershire mill that’s best known as high-quality, environmentally progressive, and low-water usage jersey mill, (as well as being fully GOTS certified) or a German fleece manufacturer that invests profits into organic farming projects around the world - IVAN is resolute that only the best will do.


IVAN uses biodegradable compostable garment bags and ships orders in in paper mailers. They are moving towards fully dissolvable garment bags across their whole collection, which are currently only used for their larger items. Their carbon emissions are calculated annually and offset through tree-planting initiatives, part of which is supported through the trees planted per order. IVAN also runs a sustainable office, with all operations running on renewables and no cars used for transport, but rather bikes and trains.



The largest factory IVAN works with has a published pay structure for machinists which begins with the London Living Wage. IVAN have a personal relationship with every factory across their supply chain.