Contradictions in ILK

A brave, expressive, personal perfume experience

Expressive fragrance layering for the layered individual

Founded in 2020

From U.K.

An old Scottish word interpreted in many ways over centuries, Ilk, is understood to mean “the essence of who you are". Contradictions in ILK, the fragrance brand founded in 2020 from London, leverages the classical meaning of this expression, with their interpretation referring to the  the many different layers within who we are, the many layers that Contradictions in ILK help bring to life through their collection of layerable scents.


Just as we move fluidly between our personal layers, Contradictions in Ilk creates scents that are designed to be adaptable depending on your mood, environment or desire. Their 8 unisex scents comprise of 4 layerable matching pairs with each pair featuring contradictory but uniquely harmonious perfumes.


Made in the UK, they aim to inspire people to use their perfume to experience the significant moments more deeply, to capture vivid emotions and help tell stories through engaging all the senses.



All products are made in the in the UK within the space of 80 miles and almost all of packaging and components are either recyclable and/or recycled, for example recycled wood and paper as well as biodegradable cellowrap.



All products are cruelty free and they support PETA as well as World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats. Contradiictions in Ilk support the preservation of 20,000 hectares of Vietnam’s tropical rainforest. The products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free.

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