Wellbeing Products That Explore Our Connection With The Ocean.

Natural skincare from the Ocean, for the Ocean

Founded in 2012

From the U.K


From the Ocean, for the Ocean, Haeckel’s draws inspiration from its foundation in Margate, developing an array of thoughtfully crafted pieces for skin, body and home, all inspired by the sea.


The harvesting and distillation of seaweed, ocean mud, marine algae and marine minerals into an elegant array of skin, body and homeware products combined with an overt consideration of the bearer of the products, has seen Haeckels evolve as one of Britain’s most innovative and captivating brands.


Haeckels has a range of innovative products, such as an Algae Plump skin tonic using marine algae to replicate the hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid and a concentrated "pill" body cleanser that you add water to when washing (reducing the water weight associated with usual body wash & thus reducing the carbon footprint, all whilst increasing the cleanser concentration and lifespan compared to typical body washes). Recently Haeckel’s have also acknowleged the typical waste associated with the use of a single-use under-eye-mask and have developed a “grown-to-order” under eye mask which is grown-to-order for each customer in their personal seaside laboratory, reducing the typical waste of your single-use eye mask.


Evidently, sustainability has always been a part of Haeckel’s philosophy from the beginning, but as they have risen to prominence, as has their recognition as pioneers of conscious practice; with careful consideration persisting across the life cycle of a product. The brand make protective boxes for the glass-enclosed products out of fungal matter mycelium, a biodegradable and compostable packaging made from mushroom roots, with product information printed on plantable card with seeds scattered within.  Their  strong design aesthetic with conscious development can be validated their Wallpaper* design award for the innovative use of mycelium and seed-paper packaging.


Sustainability: Haeckels harvest and collect the seaweed, ocean mud, marine algae, and marine minerals from the coast, walking distance from their home base in Margate. They use compostable containers made from compressed agricultural waste for a number of products (the eco balm, incense, and apple wood sticks). The candles, hair, and skin sets come in Mycelium packaging wrapped in seed paper, all of which can be put into your garden and will enrich the soil. All of the packaging used to send to customers is recycled paper and cardboard. The brand monitor and record all emissions across their supply chain, adapting products to reduce this impact regularly.


Ethics: All of the brand’s products are made in their home laboratory in Margate, and any other suppliers are from the local area, ensuring the brand maintain positive social conditions for all that work for them and in their supply chain.

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