A collection of 10 key sustainable wardrobe staples, with clothes you wear often.

Sustainable Wardrobe Staples⁣
Founded in 2019⁣
From Germany⁣


Oftt was created to make clothes with considered design and lasting quality at the right price. Their collection of 10 garments focuses on fit and fabric. From T-shirts and Overcoats to sweatshirts and straight leg trousers, the brand have refined, sourced and developed the finest materials to ensure the best environmental practice without compromising on aesthetic.⁣


Each product is made with sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing techniques, both better for you and the environment. Oftt work with GOTS certified factories and aim to use less water consumption, natural dyes, and environmentally friendly production techniques. The brand support organic farming from seed to source, where cotton is grown naturally without pesticides or pollutants and using mostly rainwater. To ensure both good environmental and social practice, they proudly produce their collections within Europe, in Portugal and Germany and visit their factories frequently.⁣


Oftt focus on mindful consumption, moderate production, and conscious design, so that each essential item has several lifespans ahead, moving to a “slow-fashion” ideology, where the garments you have last for longer. ⁣ ⁣


The brand recognise that we are the change and have consciously approached developing these clothes for the better of the planet.⁣


Sustainability: Slow-fashion with moderate production and conscious design, 10 wardrobe staples designed to last, GOTS certified organic cotton, made in Europe.


Ethics: Factories in Germany & Portugal to ensure ethical practice, support of organic farming practices and factories.

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