An experimental and sustainable sneakers studio from Paris, imagining new shapes, innovative concepts and sustainable materials.

Experimental Sneakers⁣
Founded in 2018
From Paris⁣

Igwe experiment with innovative concepts, novel materials and ethical practices to form the basis of their sustainable sneakers, all whilst delivering an uncompromising brand aesthetic.⁣

Igwe use recycled plastic bottles for their laces, high-end, eco-friendly leather, tanned without chrome, and recycled rubber in their limited series handcrafted sneakers. The brand carefully select their partners in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, with all of them committing to ensuring better and cleaner production with ethical working conditions; all of igwe’s suppliers respect the REACH European conditions and have invested into sustainable energy.⁣


Furthermore, the brand carefully select carriers for their sensitivity and awareness of the environmental issues the fashion industry faces and they work with PimPamPost, an innovative transportation company that uses free spaces in public transport, allowing the brand to reduce their CO2 impact by up to 90% - even more, for each delivery a donation is made to an initiative to clean the ocean.⁣

To close the loop, you can bring back all of your old Igwe shoes to be recycled in all of their stockists, the brand then recycle the materials to make soles for their new shoes.⁣


Sustainability: Recycled PET laces, leather tanned without chrome and recycled rubber soles, working to a circular economy as each pair is recyclable. Factories are REACH certified and the brand ships with sustainable couriers.


Ethics: Chrome tanned leather, reducing harmful chemical use and exposure, European based factories, ensuring ethical working conditions.

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