Humans Are Vain

A premium Swedish vegan brand combining sustainable materials and innovative methods with timeless contemporary design.

Vegan Contemporary Fashion

Founded in 2019

From Sweden

Humans Are Vain's sustainable and recycled materials, such as Pineapple leaves and recycled ocean plastic, can be found throughout their collections.  They’ve carefully developed the materials and designed the products in a way to ensure we can operate a circular economy, where all their products can be fully recycled at end of life.

Humans Are Vain’s Recycle Projekt aims to work collaboratively with consumers at the end of the cycle. Once you’re finished, you send your end of life items to the brand, they then send you a 25% discount code to use on the site. The sneakers will be dissembled and turned into future soles and the returned clothing will be shredded and turned into a new filament for future inclusion in their pioneering 3D printing footwear project.

The brand’s manufacturing takes place in Portugal and Sweden in carefully selected ethical factories, all of  which are monitored by their own quality control team. The brand ensures each sneaker is 100% vegan, with every component and material checked and certified internally. The brand is also certified by Peta.

Looking to the future, too, the brand are currently pioneering new developments in sustainable materials and production methods with several projects currently running. These include biodegradable 3D printed footwear and 3D printed sneakers made from textile waste. In 2020 the brand aim to launch a biodegradable 3D printed sandal and by 2022, they want to be producing 3D printed sneakers made from textile waste.  

Sustainability: Eco friendly, vegan, use of sustainable materials such as pineapple leaf and recycled ocean plastic, sustainable production practices, transparently operating in a circular economy with all shoes and clothing recyclable. 

Ethics: Peta certified vegan shoes, use of ethical factories based in Europe, all of which are regularly monitored. 

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