Church of Antioch

Luxury streetwear with good intentions.

Positive Streetwear
Founded in 2020
From the U.K.
Church of Antioch are creating fashion for the future. Labelled as ‘street wear with good intentions’ the brand are making clothes that care about people and the planet, carefully considering every step of the process.
They work with as many sustainable fabrics as possible and continue to improve their environmental impact wherever they can; using local manufacturers, natural fibres, recycled textiles, dead-stock fabrics, low-impact or natural dyes and recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
The brand have a strong focus on transparency, to make sure their standards are maintained throughout their process, they have taken personal responsibility to assess all factories they use, deeming the factories working conditions as excellent. The young brand have plans to visit their organic cotton farm in India, which is used to make our favourite The Donovan T-shirt.


20% of COA's profits go to charities working directly with cotton farmers & garment workers in impoverished countries to educate, empower & improve working conditions.  


Sustainability: Sustainable fabric use, organic cotton, local manufacturers, natural fibres, recycled textiles, dead-stock fabrics, low impact or natural dyes, recyclable and biodegradable packaging, transparent practices.


Ethics: Transparent practices, personal relationships with factories and factory owners, 20% of profits go to charities working to improve working conditions, increase education and empowerment.

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