Arlo Hudson

Changing the way men think about underwear.

Underwear Done Properly

Founded in 2019

From U.K.


“For too long we have been paying a premium price, for nothing more than a printed waistband.”


Arlo Hudson is a brand formed out of frustration with the current state of men’s underwear. The brand ethos is based around doing things properly – designing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, using sustainably sourced fabrics that are fit for purpose whilst working with specialist factories renowned for their craft.


Arlo Hudson’s first product is made from TencelTM, a brand of lyocell, which is a sustainably sourced material from the eucalyptus plant. The material is naturally biodegradable and uses 20x less water to produce than cotton (with the added benefit of being super-soft and comfortable).


They are produced in an underwear specialist, family-owned factory in Portugal, which is 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) accredited and hold OEKO-TEX certification. 100% GOTS accredited means the factory avoids the use of toxic substances, uses at least 95% natural fibres and treat their employees (and the earth) with a deep respect.


Sustainability: Produced using TencelTM (sustainably sourced lyocell fibres from Lenzing, Austria), which is then driven to Portugal to be knitted in Barcelos before being finished in a nearby factory. The product is delivered in recyclable packing and packaged in kraft bags, which are made from recycled card.


Ethics: The factory is GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified and part of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The brand visit their factory annually to ensure high-standards across the supply chain.

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