forét Cattle Sweatpants

£37 £92

The CATTLE sweatpants are comfy with a relaxed fit. CATTLE is designed to make your slow weekend mornings perfect as you brew your first cup of coffee. The sweatpants come with two side pockets, elasticated ribbed ankle cuffs and waistband with tonal drawstrings.

CATTLE is forét's take on classic and super casual sweatpants made of organic cotton. Bring them for a weekend at your cabin or pair them with a sweat or a hoodie for maximum comfort - they guarantee you perfect relaxation.

100% Organic Cotton

Fits true to size 


Materials: Acknowledging the materials garments are made from have significant environmental impact, forét carefully select each of the fibres used in their garments. The brand strives to use mono fibre fabrics, since they aim to make collections that can go into a process of recycling, 90% of their garments produced in 2020 were made from mono fibre fabrics.. Their primary accreditation certifications are: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for Organic Cotton and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for their recycled materials.

Production: Forét prioritize suppliers and manufacturing inside the EU, and 95% of forét’s production is located in Portugal where the brand ensures the quality requirements by collaborations with third party offices & visitsro the factories a couple of times a year, whilst striving towards the best possible condition for the climate and the working environment.

Packaging & Delivery: It’s a priority for Forét to keep their items safe and protected as they ship orders to all over the world, so whilst they can’t avoid using packaging, they can however make it sustainable by using recycled materials. Hang tags: The hang tags on all our items is made from recycled paper. Poly bags: The poly bags which protects each and every item after it leaves the factory is made from recycled plastic. Poly mailers: The poly mailers we use for shipping your orders are also made from recycled plastic.

Use: Wash it recording to the care label (always 30 degrees).

Disposal: The brand suggest you repair your garment it if gets damaged and resell it or pass it on when it no longer makes you happy.

Responsibility: Forét collections are made from durable and mindfully produced timeless garments. Their design process is a holistic approach of trying to make long-lasting items while minimizing the impact on the environment, by choosing durable quality materials. Forét wrap all of this information up in a responsibility journal, collating information about their practices.

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