Sustainable Designers Lead The Way During London Fashion Week

A number of smaller British brands and designers pave the way for sustainable design, innovation and practice during London Fashion week 2022. Conscious design and practice is engrained in the identity of these designers, and their cutting edge aesthetic is showing how sustainability can be incorporated in high-end design.

Priya Ahluwalia

An exploration of Priya’s dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots through forward-thinking garments, vintage and dead stock materials and responsible sourcing and manufacture techniques. 

 Priya Ahluwalia AW 2022

Image courtesy of Priya Ahluwalia


Daniel W Fletcher

This collection acted as a joyous acknowledgment by Daniel of many of the influences imprinted by father upon son.

 Daniel W. Fletcher

Image courtesy of Daniel W. Fletcher



Labrum’s ability to tell deep, untold stories through the work continues to ensure a meaningful runway show. Connecting African culture to western culture, the brand operate with a variety of conscious practices. This year’s show was influenced by both West African and British heritages, brought together through refined tailoring and a vibrant palette 

 Labrum London

Image courtesy of LABRUM


Reuben Selby

The clothes shown during LFW were an introspective showcase - for the Wearer, not the viewer. The garments frame a generation’s desire for clothing with purpose, illustrating emotional and physical comforts through conscious design.

 Reuben Selby

Image courtesy of Reuben Selby


Fashion East

This year we saw a generation of new designers focusing on technique over style, lead by Lulu Kennedy. Designers such as Jawara Alleyne, who presented his first runway show at Fashion East after last season’s static presentation. Born in Jamaica and raised in the Cayman Islands, he employed his distinctly Caribbean relationship with the sun as his premise for the garments.

 Fashion East

Image courtesy of Fashion East


Bethany Williams

Bethany Williams returned for Fall/Winter 2022, presenting her latest collection “The Hands That Heal Us” in a film by Mae Sass, with a complementing lookbook. A collage of colour and personality with garments made from upcycled materials. Bethany’s practices expands the notions of sustainability with her impact-first approach.

Bethany Williams

Image courtesy of Bethany Williams

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