5 Of Our Favourite Art Galleries Are Open for Viewing, Virtually

5 of our favourite Art Galleries are open for viewing, virtually.

Often a respite from a busy city, art galleries are calming force amidst the chaos, providing inspiration to some and relief for many. Now, despite our favourite brick-and-mortar galleries closing due to the global pandemic, they are still open for viewing, virtually. From the Guggenheim in New York City offering free virtual tours and at home art classes, to David Zwirner championing local exhibitions virtually, find your calm amidst the digital chaos and visit one of these spaces today.

Although the distinctive Frank Lloyd Wright-designed building isn’t open to walk around, the Guggenheim in New York City is working to unify its virtual community, with a commitment to continue to ignite ideas, discussion and creativity. They have more than one way you can connect with the building, their exhibitions, the artists, the curators and the community. Take a tour of the famous rotunda, discover their collection, listen to the artists in conversation, or take an at home art class.

Image courtesy of David Zwirner

With galleries scattered around the world, and each corner of the earth affected together, David Zwirner galleries are driving to provide a suite of virtual content to meet your longing for inspiration. They are publishing podcasts more frequently, with conversations with artists like Rachel Rose and Luc Tuymans, providing greater access to the David Zwirner Books Series and sharing a series of online only exhibitions. Furthermore, they’re championing local galleries’ exhibitions. Have a look at #DavidZwirnerOnline – as they bring together 12 London galleries, each presenting works by a single artist in their program, on view from April 17–May 15, titled, Platform: London.

Offering virtual tours and Instagram lives with the museum’s curators, you can explore a mix of art, design, large installations and other media across the branches of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea. The gallery hosts a collection of names from Warhol and Beuys to Nam June Paik. From the widely recognised artists, South Korean names and up and coming contemporary names, explore this gallery from another corner of the earth, from your home.

An institution dedicated to contemporary art and culture, Fondazione Prada has increased its virtual presence. To cultivate ongoing contemporary art culture, and keep inspiration flowing, they are sharing content across their website, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, forming virtual experiences for all.

‘Inner Views’ takes us on a visual journey of three recently-opened exhibitions: ‘Storytelling’, by Chinese painter Liu Ye, ‘K’, is a multi-platform exhibition inspired by three not yet completed Franz Kafka novels and ‘The Porcelain Room’, explores Chinese-exported porcelain and its historical importance. Fondazione Prada are offering rich content whilst hoping to maintain the intimacy art galleries hold.

From the videos and interviews to ‘Inner Views’ and ‘Outer Views’, explore this collection like never before.

Image courtesy of The National Gallery

Immerse yourself in Renaissance masterpieces from Northern Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, including works by TitianVeronese, and Holbein at London’s the National Gallery. You can take your own tour across a suite a rooms and the central hall or a virtual reality tour through the Sainsbury wing. Enjoy these masterpieces as if they were hanging in your own home.

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