Halloween 2021: Last Minute Costume Ideas (and their sustainability rating).

Halloween falls on 31st October, 31st October is also the start of COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, we’re a sustainable fashion platform, so, of course, we have to do a little jig for Halloween. Have a read of our 2021 Halloween outfit ideas and what we've give them for a sustainability rating.

Squid Game 2/10

Looking for originality, here’s your outfit! This little-known show has given a surplus of unique Halloween outfit ideas, let’s just hope people know what you’re dressed as! Although you can eventually wear this on your morning jogs around your care home, you’ll probs never don it again. 2/10 sustainability score. Brand new, shipped fast, trash quality (please don’t select number 69).


Squid Game from Netflix, Halloween 2021 Ideas.
Image Courtesy Of Netflix


Sexy Cat 9/10

Your go to last minute outfit. Cats ears, whiskers and a little nose. Existing lingerie is 99% of the outfit. 9/10 sustainability score, minimal purchases required.

Neo 8/10

Don your existing long leather coat, slick back your hair with some wet look gel and pop those shades on, just avoid both the red and blue pills (especially the ones with a Lamborghini logo). 8/10 you’ve got all the gear already.


The Matrix, Neo, Halloween 2021 Ideas
Neo, The Matrix. Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Corpse Bride 3/10

Not fetch at all. Let’s go Cady Heron, this may be the only time you wear that dress, so you might as well go all in. An upcycled vintage dress means no new virgin fibres, but your fake blood may not wash out for the big day. 3/10, outfit ruined.

Bernie Sanders sitting on a chair 1/10

Niche, funny, may be a little irrelevant (the outfit too, lol), get yourself some mittens, a green Gore-Tex jacket, a thriving democratic agenda and a year 5 blue or red plastic chair, voila, you’re U.S Senator Bernie Sanders. Niche, across the pond fit, you probably don’t have the chair, need all new materials that you (hopefully) won’t wear again, Bernie wouldn't approve, 1/10 sustainability score.


Bernie Sanders Sitting on a Chair, Halloween 2021 Ideas
Bernie, Courtesy of.. the USA?


Dead (insert generic theme here) 10/10

Dead Cat, dead Priest, dead Tom Daley, you can “dead” anything up with a bit of fake blood (and speedos if you’re Tom Daley). Look through your existing wardrobe, get inspired, then splatter yourself in fake blood. 10/10, dead good.

Velma 6/10

That orange turtleneck and corduroy skirt are thriving this year. You can fight over the skirts on depop so you don’t have to buy brand new…. Scooby-Do you have a dog though? – Sorry, we had to. 6/10 all vintage threads.


Scooby Do, Halloween 2021 Ideas
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Taken by Scrappy Do.


Planet Earth 1/10

It’s pretty dead anyway so why not buy a bunch of new materials for an outfit you make, wear for 20 minutes, then throw in the bin? Kidding not kidding.

We’re looking forward to a Halloween party, but definitely trying to make outfits from stuff we already have, which is probably the best way to reduce our negative impact this spooky season. With 7 million Halloween costumes thrown away each year, and 83% of materials in these questions being synthetic (the equivalent to 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste) (Fairyland Trust, 2019) it’s good to be a bit more conscious of your outfits right now. Anyway, that’s all from us, party safe.

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