“Help, it’s nearly Christmas”: The Good Gift Giving Guide.

We can’t be alone in wondering how on earth it’s Christmas again. This last year has flown by; an emotional rollercoaster of lockdown announcements interspersed with all last year’s weddings and birthdays crammed into our few months of freedom.

But alas, we can’t slow down the relentless passing of time no more than Kim Kardashian can seem to stop North West from going “live” without her permission…and so we find ourselves once more wondering what the hell we’re going to get *insert that difficult family member’s name here* for Christmas once again.

Well fear not, we may not have the answers to all of life’s burning questions but we sure as hell do have some excellent gift ideas to satisfy even the pickiest of Christmas gift recipients. Oh, and they’re good for the planet too.

As always, ladies first (well, men too as this is gender-neutral)…

Why not show them how you feel with the Contradictions in Ilk Virtuous Extrait de Parfum? A modern unisex perfume brand founded in London in 2020 by Annabella Fasano-Leslie and Holly Hutchinson. Contradictions in Ilk is all about self-expression. As Dante once said, "Beauty awakens the soul to act" and this virtuous scent is beautiful and stirring in equal measure. Hand mixed in England, this transports your soul to the bucolic Tuscan countryside with the scent of the aromatic herb garden, cold stone walls, leather bound books and lingering incense.

Contradictions in Ilk Virtuous Extrait de Parfum 50ml (£129)

Now you’ve got your spouse covered, time to treat yourself your brother/best friend/boyfriend:

Depending on how much love (or money) you’ve got to spend this year, we’ve got all the goods to warm even the coldest hearts this winter, from stocking fillers to big ticket items.

Starting small(ish), check out our all-new 100% organic merino wool Beanie from Rotholz (available in 4 colours).


Or if you’re after more of a “this year I win Christmas” gift, we’ve got our eye on the Embassy of Bricks and Logs Union Puffer Jacket. A real every-day favourite with updated “E100 No Down” filling made from recycled post-consumer PET, premium light weight fabric made from 100% recycled materials, lining made from 100% recycled materials. Good for the planet, and your street cred.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs Union Puffer Jacket (£360)

Need to drop a hint to a housemate type of gifts? Got a Secret Santa coming up? We got you.

Nothing says “you’re making it awkward to work from home with you” quite like The Courtesy Flush from Haeckels. Rather than flushing twice and wasting valuable water, save the planet and their dignity at the same time.

Hæckels Courtesy Flush Drops (£25)

Finally, do you also have a no-longer-a-lockdown-puppy in your life?

Look no further than our Attirecare Organic Dog Shampoo. It’s hypoallergenic, organic, and leaves your dog clean and free from odours. The ingredients have been curated to tackle issues we dog owners understand.

Tea tree soothes and protects your dog’s coat whilst cedarwood naturally repels fleas and ticks. Suitable for all the good boy’s in our life.

Attirecare Dog Shampoo £16

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